History of the museum

Buddhist art in Gruyères

The Tibet Museum invites you to discover an exceptional collection of Buddhist art in the heart of medieval Gruyeres. Gathered with care and respect by Alain Bordier, this collection consists of more than 300 Himalayan works of art whose age is ranging between the 6th and the 18th century. The exhibited sculptures, paintings and ritual objects come from Tibet, Nepal, Kashmir, North of India and Burma. They represent deities and objects that are visualized during meditation; in everyday life they express qualities laying within the mind, namely devotion and the knowledge about the true nature of mind.

It is M. Bordier’s deepest desire to share his passion with as many people as possible and thus to hold this collection of miraculously preserved objects together.

The peaceful contemplation of this beauty takes place in a historic house and its chapel. In Buddhism, one of the sources of liberation lies in the physical perception through sight, sound, touch, and in the memory of these perceptions. To contemplate these objects, even only once, can lead to an inner transformation. The beauty manifested in them can certainly contribute to the growing process of each visitor, beyond cultures, affiliations or convictions.


Tibet Museum 
Fondation Alain Bordier 
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